Termites Cause Millions of Dollars Damage Every Year.

Here’s a simple, non-toxic DIY solution

In this free 16pg DIY guide, you’ll learn . . .

ptiy53-bullet-arrow-green How to kill termites yourself, and protect your home using the same techniques the best professionals use. (At a fraction of the cost)

ptiy53-bullet-arrow-green Why termite barriers can fail – even in new homes. And what to do about it.

ptiy53-bullet-arrow-green Where to get non-toxic bait thats approved for homeowners. Safe for you, your family and pets. Deadly to termites.

ptiy53-bullet-arrow-green How to protect your home with an ‘early warning system’, stopping termites in their tracks before they get to your house.

Written by the trainer of Australian pest technicians.

IonEntomologist Ion Staunton has over 40 years of experience in the pest control industry.

Ion wrote the text books used to train pest control professionals and was the first person in the world to design a DIY termite control system for homeowners.