How To Do Your Own Termite Treatment

 As Well Or Better Than Many Pest Controllers.

At a fraction of the cost. . .

Dear homeowner,

If you've found termites, dont panic.

Taking a few moments to get the facts - won't make matters substantially worse, and what you're about to read could save you a lot of money. 

Be aware of the following: 

  • Termites live in nests underground. Possibly some distance from where you have found them. 
  • So spraying those you find, may kill a few thousand, but the nest remains - and they'll return.  
  • The only way to reliably treat the problem is to treat the nest and a system of traps and bait is what all reputable pest controllers will use.
  • But rather than paying a pest controller $1000's - you can do the job yourself for a couple of hundred dollars.

Q: But I dont have much time - how long does the job take?

Placing traps around your home is a 10 minute job and with our illustrated guide - you'll know where to place them, and the design of the traps makes it simple to check them

Q: I dont want to use chemicals - what are my options?

Our bait is an IGR - an insect growth regulator - registered for use by homeowners by the Australian Government. While deadly to the lifecycle of the termite colony - its completely non-toxic to you, your family and pets. Even if your dog eats a portion - its really just been expensive dog food.

Q: I think I may be more comfortable engaging a professional. Wont they guarantee their work?

Very few professionals guarantee their work other than returning to add more treatment if termites are discovered again soon after. Companies that offer a timber replacement only do so if you accept their quote for 'everything' including replenishment of the chemical soil barriers, a monitoring service over a contracted period and full annual inspections. Get your solicitor to examine the fine print for loopholes. Termite control is no longer difficult or complicated; if you place monitors around, check them every three months and learn how to inspect your home (easy if it is built on a concrete slab) you will be doing all that the pros do except replenishing insecticidal soil barriers (which is never a 100% success anyway).

Make up your mind after you've read the How-to-guide.

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